Project 2



Problem: Create a sculpture that has an architectural inspiration is 24 inches or taller before it is fired.  This sculpture must focus on a simple form that will act as a canvas for surface decoration.  The image and content is up to you, but it must convey your idea of personal aesthetic.

Objective:             Creation of a larger scale object utilizing the flat coil/slab construction method.

                                Define what constitutes your personal aesthetic through writing.

Creation of an object that you can discuss using the principals of design and formal elements of art in a manner relating to your personal aesthetic.

                                Understand how to use slip during the leather hard stage in an effort to maximize                                                           layering of surface decoration.


Strategy:               Write a couple of paragraphs explaining the following things:

                                -Description of some things that you see as being beautiful that others may not.

                                -Description of how these things reflect you as a person.

Create several sketches that represent a plan of how you will execute the general form of the object and discuss these with your instructor how this project relates to the writing you have done.  After this discussion make a sculpture that uses the techniques and methods discussed and demonstrated in class. Consider your objective for final color and surface discussing how to achieve your goal of the finished object.



-If you are making any dramatic changes in the profile of the form, use internal structure or “ribs” for reinforcement.

-If you are constructing any horizontal appendages use the “plug” system for attachment and pay attention to timing when attaching pieces.

-Your project should have some element of detail through texture and slip decoration that is compelling to the viewer.

-The construction of your piece should be no thicker than ¾ inch.

-Consider how you will use the formal elements such as negative space, line, texture, and contrasting forms within the piece to enhance it.


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