Project 4

Sculpture Workshop I Project #4

Problem:  Create a sculptural piece within your personal direction that uses the techniques previously presented in class

Objective:              Develop continuity within your personal body of work.

                                Develop a concept through connecting technique with ideas.

                                Make a sculptural object that uses multiple building/forming techniques.

Strategy:               Write several paragraphs about the specific idea you have chosen it for your project.  Discuss in this writing how you will incorporate your technical approach with the content of this specific piece.  Make several sketches exploring how technique can be utilized to convey/symbolize your specific ideas.  After receiving feedback from your instructor make your piece and document it in its finished state for presentation to the class.

 This piece should be a display of the technical construction/molding information presented in class.  Use this project to show what you have learned and how you can apply this information in a manner unique to you.

Student Work by Noel Gerstenecker