Project 3

Sculpture Workshop I Project #3

Problem:  Create a site specific installation piece that uses ceramic material as the primary media that utilizes documentation to enhance presentation.

Objective:             Understand several approaches to making site specific art.

                                Develop a concept for an installation piece through writing.

                                Make a sculptural object that can be considered site specific.

Execute documentation by using photographic vantage point to enhance the presentation of installation art.

Be able to recognize scatter art, modular art, installation art.

Strategy:               Write several paragraphs about the specific space and why you have chosen it for your project.  Discuss in this writing how you will incorporate your ceramic objects into this environment and how these objects will activate the space.  Make several sketches exploring how the space can be utilized as well as detailed representation of how the ceramic material will look in the final project.  After receiving feedback from your instructor make your piece and document it in its finished state for presentation to the class.


Consider a specific space outside of the studio for an art installation.  Create your activation of the space with a specific concept in mind.  Have a strong formal relationship for this space and be prepared to discuss how you have used it.  The relationship between these pieces must be established on a formal level using, scale, texture, color, etc.  The space you utilize must be specific to your idea and relate to the piece.  Consider the following:

-What is the significance of the type of object you have chosen to make? 

-How will the pieces or material be placed for installation and how is the space between the objects/ interaction of material and space important to the content of the work.

-How will the color of the pieces impact the final presence of the piece?

-Be creative with how the object is installed.  Will it hang?  Sit on the floor?  Sit on top of another object?
Richard Notkin
Melisa Mythy

Student Work by Onyx Cy-Peak